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Part of my duties as a Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Specialist (S.A.P.I.S.) is to offer Positive Alternative Programs. 

These programs provide opportunities for prosocial involvement, exploring hobbies and sports; they provide practical, constructive, and useful ways for students to act on and in the world. These activities give students options for positive pursuits that can deter and/or delay engaging in substance use and other harmful behaviors. \

As it is my passion, most of my positive alternatives and enrichment activities are arts-based tasks.

Click on each photo/video below to get a complete view and additional information. 


 At my school, we have started a fashion club where the students learn hand and machine sewing, sketching, and other fashion-related techniques. They also engage in modeling for in-school and community events as well as serve as spokesmodels for SAPIS programs throughout the year. 

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