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Personal Statement

Philosophy and Mission

I show my love for people, for the human spirit through my creativity. I show empathy with every stitch AND with every classroom session. I act on the world creatively because doing/making is how I show my intelligence, how I communicate, and how I take care of others. 

My mission is to nurture and amplify inherent strengths; the unique, special qualities and talents in those that I work with. 



Candace Crawford is a Creative Professional currently working with NYC Community Schools. She has over twelve years of experience working in healthcare at the augmentative level, using group and project-based experiences with clients in several populations, including dual diagnosis clients with histories of substance abuse. During that time, Candace looked beyond the traditional triad of client, therapist, and music, and focus on ways of working to improve the health, prosperity, and overall well-being of the clients that she served.


In her current role, Candace works to eliminate barriers to learning while helping to create a safe and productive environment where students can excel. She creates needed and strategic partnerships with other community organizations to bring in services and events to help students develop their love for learning and support developed educational goals.


Candace’s work experience allows her to recognize and utilize the transformative power of the arts- which are often a huge part of individuals' lives and can often be a bridge to change.

In addition to her current duties as Community Schools Director, Candace has planned, created, and designed pieces for her own costume exhibitions over the past 10 years, including two virtual fashion shows.  She initiated a school fashion club where students create unique pieces/accessories, learn hand and machine sewing, and model their creations for the school and community. Candace also manages all aspects of content creation for multiple social media channels related to costume design as well as contributes content for school-based initiatives. Candace was a finalist in the Queens Start-Up! Business Plan competition.

Ms. Crawford holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from Temple University. In addition, she has completed several continuing and professional studies courses over the course of her career.


“Candace recently assisted me as I prepared to present my collection for Harlem Fashion Week. She was phenomenal; her organizational skills are top-notch, and she proved to be a supreme resource for helping develop a vision for the runway presentation. She was also the voice of calm and reason on show day, and did a superb job at helping dress the models and keeping all the pieces accounted for. I loved working with her!”

-Robin Shumays, Owner Hennaflower Couture

Ryan & Michelle

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